Faith and Correct Understanding

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The notion that one is simply not a believer or in Christ until he accepts certain important correct doctrines while rejecting certain other incompatible, incorrect doctrines, is necessarily mistaken. It is true that popular myths such as the Trinity, free will, immortal souls, and eternal torment, are incompatible with and militate against the truth of the evangel. Because of their adherence to such contradictory views, many are kept back, whether to a great degree or even entirely, from a true understanding of the evangel. We feel this tragedy deeply, and frequently need to be reminded that this, too, even as all else that is wrong with the world, is in God’s purpose and will eventuate for good.

We have no promise that within the course of our present lifetime even relative maturity of faith will be given to all who are chosen. We only know that, whether sooner or later, concerning the one who is infirm in the faith: “he will be made to stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.”

In the meantime, the ecclesia will continue to consist of all those who are chosen and called, to whom it is given to believe that Christ is the wisdom and power of God and that Jesus died and rose – however limited or faulty their apprehension of these glorious declarations may be.

James Coram
Unsearchable Riches Volume 91


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