The Only One Taking Care of the Details

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After watching a DVD movie, I examined the special features at the end of the DVD which were about how the show was made. I was amazed at all of the work and supporting roles that go into the production of these movies and TV shows, and all of the details that have to be considered, not just during the actual production, but even beforehand in the planning stages.

It is really quite mind-boggling when you see it. There are so many people to handle all of the little details that go into the production of a one-hour TV show, not to mention other shows and movies of longer duration.

Then, as I thought about all of the details of Dad’s creation, about how much more detail is involved and on such a grander scale, and that He is the only One taking care of those details, I was filled with such a greater wonder and appreciation for Him and all that He has done!

AndréAndré Sneidar
Editor, Bible Student’s Notebook


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