Aware and Unaware

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What then, shall we declare to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? (Romans 8:31)

This great truth, that God is for us, is set against a background of our own individual impotence and personal groaning, and at times so surrounded by difficult and trying circumstances that we do not know what we ought to be praying for.

Romans 8:26, clearly states that because of our infirmity “we are not aware” what we should be praying for.

Now, similarly, the spirit also is aiding our infirmity, for what we should be praying for, to accord with what must be, we are not aware, but the spirit itself is pleading for us with inarticulate groanings.

Yet we are told that,

Now He Who is searching the hearts is aware what is the disposition of the spirit, for in accord with God is it pleading for the saints (Romans 8:27).

Notice that our unawareness is contrasted with God’s awareness. We cannot see the end from the beginning except insofar as it is revealed to us by God’s spirit and through His Word. We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow; therefore we cannot always be sure what God’s immediate will for us is. In such circumstances His spirit comes to our aid, and in these or in any circumstances that may arise, we are aware that God is working all together for our good.

Now we are aware that God is working all together for the good of those who are loving God, who are called according to the purpose (Romans 8:28).

John Henry Essex (1907-1991)
Faith Fellowship (Vol. 60, No. 3)


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