The Example of Babel

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God caused the confusion at the Tower of Babel for His purposes. We can look to this historical event and somewhat get a grasp of the grand plan and know that it fits perfectly into what God has been doing in world affairs ever since.

In light of this, maybe we can begin to understand God’s sovereign plan to hide Paul’s message of grace as the church entered the 3rd and 4th centuries. Not only was God in control of those in charge of the distortion of this message, but His plan was not thwarted by the nefarious church that eventually introduced mankind into the dark ages, the gruesome crusades, the reformation, and now the 30,000 denominations we see all around the world.

This has been no less a part of God’s plan than the Tower of Babel. To this, we should include the many false religions. Even though they miss the mark, God uses them all for His grand purpose, which is to eventually display His love and mercy to all.

Keep in mind, this life is not about each of us “getting it right.” It’s God’s way of creating a unique story each one of us will take with us to the day of resurrection. Our pain, frustrations, sin, heartaches, sickness, grief, etc. – these dark things in our lives are the necessary back drop that will forever help us see and experience His love. They’re all a necessary contrast!

We can easily get frustrated with the rejection we experience and also wonder, “Why has God kept this message of the forgotten gospel visible only to a minuscule few?”

Fortunately, we can relax in His sovereign Hand while simultaneously stepping forward with an excitement that He is beginning to reveal this beautiful declaration of relentless love to more and more people around the world – and He’s using us to do it. What a humble privilege we have.

mike-owensMike Owens
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Infinite Love, Wisdom, Power and Justice

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The fact that man was created by a God of infinite love, wisdom, power and justice, is a guarantee that such existence will not in any case prove an endless curse.

Infinite love would desire the final happiness of all.

Infinite wisdom would arrange a perfect plan which, when carried through, would secure the end desired.

Infinite power would secure all that infinite love desired, or infinite wisdom devised.

Infinite justice could be satisfied with nothing less than what the other attributes of God claimed – the triumph of good.

John Crenshaw Burruss (1821-1912)
Voices of the Faith (1887), page 156
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Peace – Be Still!

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Another year has gone. Our eyes are still fixed on that portion of the Divine Calendar so clearly marked as the era of Grace. God’s clock moves steadily on. The saints alone enjoy peace.

Our Lord Jesus is in the boat and all is well. So long as Paul was in the ship all was well with the mixed crew. So it is today amidst all the terrible happenings; let us take courage. Nothing can possibly happen until the era of Grace has run its course. We need not be distressed even for the poor old world, for all will arrive safely on land, even though on perhaps just broken pieces of ship. He must eventually be All in all.

So, as we travel along the highway of another year of Grace, may we keep our minds stayed upon Him, and may we keep our eyes fixed upon that portion of the Divine Calendar which is so especially ours, the era of Grace. Let us talk of peace, and may His peace preside in our hearts. Peace – be still!

Joseph A. Freeman
Unsearchable Riches, Volume 30 (1939)
(edited & abridged)
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