The Poetic Beauty of Creation

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The transcendent wonders of the heavens, the phenomena of the atmosphere, the insoluble mysteries of the underworld are held together in glorious order by His creative hand, and ruled by His rod. Now He rides through the heavens, binds the cluster of the Pleiades, looses the bands of Orion, guides the signs of the Zodiac in their season, leads the Bear with her train, establishes the ordinances of heaven on the earth; now He walks the fathomless deep, delves in the recesses of the sea, traverses the realm of shades, cleaves a channel for the waterflood, scatters the wind, enters the abode of light; and while thus revolving the wheel of nature’s mechanism with amazing regularity, He reserves the treasuries of hail against the day of battle and war.

Vladimir Gelesnoff (1877-1921)
The Book of Job
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