He Will Not Begin What He Cannot Complete

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Thou wilt have a desire to the work of Thine hands (Job 14:15).

The Great Workman is interested in His work, He has a “desire” to it, and He will not begin what He cannot complete. For the creature to fail of the purpose of its creation implies a failure on the part of the Creator, and this cannot be in the government of God. “My counsel shall stand,” He says, “and I will do all My pleasure” (Isaiah 46:10). Hence we may be sure that the ultimate purpose in the creation of everyone, whatever it may be, will be surely carried out; as the Creator cannot fail, neither can His creations. Thus does it appear that in the final outcome of man’s creation the honor of the Most High is involved, and He is bound to make that outcome a successful and glorious one in order to vindicate that honor.

Arthur P. Adams (1847-1925)
The Purposes of God and the True Basis of Redemption
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The Purposes of God
The True Basis of Redemption
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